Beautiful Lies – Yung Bleu & Kehlani

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Categoria : Rap - Hip Hop

Scarica Suonerie Beautiful Lies - Yung Bleu:

[Refrain: Yung Bleu & Kehlani]
You had me at hello (Mm-mm, mm-mm)
Could never make you happy, girl, it must be the devil (Mm-mm, mm-mm)

[Chorus: Yung Bleu & Kehlani]
Beautiful lies (Mm-mm, mm-mm)
Don't break my heart, tell me beautiful lies (Beautiful, mm-mm, mm-mm)
She's an emotional wreck right now (Mm-mm, mm-mm)
She's got some things on her chest right now
I bet she lookin' at my text right now (Mm-mm, mm-mm)