Dummies – Tom MacDonald

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I love the earth but I don’t really wanna save it (what?)
Everything is sexist, homophobic, or it’s racist
When life gives us lemons we’re supposed to wanna change it
But my generation rather take some pills and escape it
Say that I’m transphobic if you wanna but one day I’ll be a father
And I really hope my son don’t grow up to be my daughter
I ain’t tryna hurt your feelings, skin should be a little thicker
That’s the problem, being honest got ’em triggered (triggered)
The kids are getting weaker ’cause they’re sheltered by society
Pumpkin spice Ativan for seasonal anxiety (woo)
Wokeness has become a way to bully non-violently
And cancel everyone without improving on the life we lead

Without the white, there’s no black, without the straight, there’s no gay
Without the men, there’s no women, without the night, there’s no day
Without the idiots, we couldn’t laugh at them when they fall
So maybe we need them after all