Gasoline – The Weeknd

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Scarica Suonerie Gasoline - The Weeknd:

It's 5 AM my time again
I've soakin' up the moon, can't sleep
It's 5 AM my time again

I'm calling and you know it's me
I'm pushin' myself further
I'm just tryin' to feel my heartbeat beat (Beat)

I wrap my hands around your neck
You love it when I always squeeze

It's 5 AM, I'm high again
And you can see that I'm in pain (Ooh, ooh)
I've fallen into emptiness

I want you 'cause we're both insane
I'm staring into the abyss
I'm lookin' at myself again

I'm dozing off to R.E.M.
I'm trying not to lose my faith

And I love it when you watch me sleep
You spin me 'round so I can breathe
It's only safe for you and me
I know you won't let me OD
And if I finally die in peace
Just wrap my body in these sheets (Sheets)
And pour out the gasolinе
It don't mean much to me