Rumors – Lizzo & Cardi B

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Categoria : Rap - Hip Hop

Scarica Suonerie Rumors - Lizzo:

All the rumors are true, yeah
Fake ass, fake boobs, yeah
Made a million at Sue's, yeah
Y'all be runnin' with fake news, yeah
Cardi ain't poppin', no, that's a machine (Huh?)
Nobody listen, they buyin' them streams (Hmm)
They even post it on blogs overseas
And lie in a language I can't even read
The fuck do this mean?
Look, I'm a Bronx bitch with some pop hits
Used to pop off when they pop shit (Woo)
But I'm calmed down and I'm locked in
And my records live in the top ten
Lizzo, teach me about big girl coochie (Okay)
Last time I got freaky, the FCC sued me
But I'ma keep doin' what I wanna do
'Cause all the rumors are
All the rumors are trueyeah