Sunshine (The Light) – Fat Joe, DJ Khaled, Amorphous

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Scarica Suonerie Sunshine (The Light) - Fat Joe:

She want that old thing back
Pretty young thing want that old G crack
Straight savage when I got my Fenty on
Do thе D'USSÉ with a touch of DeLeón (Uh)
She got a man and hе stuck in the feds
Said he gon' kill me 'cause she up in my bed
We wear chains and it's like the narcs (Kiss it, kiss it)
Only G7s when the flights depart
Stash pesos in Turks and Caicos
Dapper Dan Don, the first to break those
Now back to Caicos
Throw your Rollies in the sky, my guys'll take those
Lower East Side, I'm up in NY
See me on the floor with Obi courtside
Baddies on deck, you know I'm lovin' 'em (Kiss it, kiss it better, baby)
Still in a meetin' with Khaled (Another one)